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Emilee & David | Logan Utah Wedding Photographers

  • 07/17/2015
  • By: Tina
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Meet Emilee and David. These two beautiful people were married last month. I had the opportunity to work with Nicole from Iota Maker on this wedding, and boy was it fun!

Working as a second shooter is the best! Seriously! While Nicole was running around setting up shots, photographing guests and large groups, and working her tail bone off, I got to play. It was my job to capture the details, the close-ups, and the candid moments - the fun stuff. Haha. Seriously though, we worked well together, taking turns getting shots and bouncing ideas around... and it was fabulous. It didn't hurt that we had a gorgeous couple to work with! These images are from Emilee and David's wedding day as well as some formal pre-wedding portraits taken a week or so before their sealing. They were married at the Logan LDS Temple and had their reception at the beautiful Riter Mansion. The day was absolutely perfect and the bride was stunning!

It was an honor to meet and work with these two and their amazing families. Congrats you guys, I wish you the absolute best in your marriage!

(Sorry for picture overload... there were just too many to choose from.)

EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait01_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait02_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait03_PristinePhoto

Even the flowers and the tree blossoms were gorgeous for their wedding!


EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait04_PristinePhoto  EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait06_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait07_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait08_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait09_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait10_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait11_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait12_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait13_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingFormalPortrait14_PristinePhoto

It was on this bench that Emilee and David shared their first kiss, so its only fitting that they share another kiss (and get a picture) at the same location. So romantic!



EmileeDavidWeddingDay01_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay02_PristinePhoto

In our tech-centered world, where everyone has a cell phone camera, I see this more and more... so many cameras, so many videos, nearly every angle and every second caught on camera. Its insane and amazing at the same time. This image is one of my favorites to capture at a wedding (or any event really), it is so telling about life and tech in today's world.


EmileeDavidWeddingDay03_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay04_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay05_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay06_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay07_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay08_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay09_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay10_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay11_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay12_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay13_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay14_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay15_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay16_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay17_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay18_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay19_PristinePhoto

The dancing... oh the dancing... this group totally rocked the dance floor!

EmileeDavidWeddingDay20_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay21_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay22_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay23_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay24_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay25_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay26_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay27_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay28_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay29_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay30_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay31_PristinePhoto EmileeDavidWeddingDay32_PristinePhoto

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a photographer, give me a call! I still have some openings in late summer/fall.

-Tina at Pristine Photo 435-753-8034.

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