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Adam + Shalia {Engaged}

  • 07/30/2012
  • By: Tina
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  • Posted in: Weddings {Couples, Formals, Wedding Day}

Meet Adam and his stunning fiance.Adam is my cousin. When he was 12 years old I could pick on him. But, somehow he grew... he's bigger now and stronger... and if I'm not careful he'll probably pick on me. In all seriousness though, Adam is among my favorite cousins and his grown to be quite a handsome fella. And I adore Shalia. I'm not sure how they found each other, but I'm glad they did.It was fun to spend the afternoon with them and make this portraits. We shot on the campus at Utah State on a really cloudy day. Toward the end of our shoot it started to rain, but these guys were great about it and we all just went with it and got some fun shots in the rain as well.Congratulations Adam and Shalia. You are a beautiful couple.

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