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52 weeks of Photography challenges

  • 01/15/2014
  • By: Tina
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I've joined a group of other local photographers to participate in a weekly photo challenge/assignment of the entire year. That's 52 words and 52 pictures.

We started January 1st and we've been having lots of fun so far! Just thought I's share a couple of my images from the challenges here. The first two words of the year were JOY and LIGHT.

The first image is my oldest daughter with her very first camera! As you can see from the expression on her face it was a pretty joyful day!


Next is my youngest peering through the window at the West Yellowstone lodge we were staying at. She is standing on top of several feet of snow. I loved the contrast between the warm light from the sconce and the bright outdoor light. (Side Note: This image was shot with a Canon Elph - Point and Shoot variety)


I will probably share more Challenge images here from time to time!

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