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  • 09/25/2014
  • By: Tina
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  • Posted in: Portraits {Seniors, Headshots, Individuals}


Tis' the season for Senior portraits and this sure was a fun one!!

Megan is such a lovely girl - inside and out. Her long brown hair is just gorgeous and she was seriously rocking the red nail polish!

After a little while in a more relaxing venue we decided to brave the fair grounds at carnival time! Did I mention that I really enjoy shooting at the fair? Its kind of insane, but there is so much color and excitement to be found. Besides, its pretty hilarious sometimes to hear people whistle and egg you on while you are getting your portrait taken. Occasionally you'll even get a random stranger eager to participate in your portraits. Its definitely a public venue when kind of makes portraits a public event, as such its certainly not for overly introverted client. Megan did fabulously! And in her case the random stranger hoping into the frame for a picture was actually a friend of hers that we ran into at the fair. So, so fun!

Oh, and did you notice she brought her camera? A girl after my own heart!

Best of luck during your Senior year, Megan! You'll do great!

MeganKoch08MeganKoch03   MeganKoch11 MeganKoch14 MeganKoch20 MeganKoch24 MeganKoch25 MeganKoch31

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