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Hot Air Balloon Festival

  • 09/16/2014
  • By: Tina
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I took my family to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Eden. We didn't stay long, but it was really fun to be so close to these balloons as they were inflated and lifted into the air.

We spent our time following this one rainbow colored balloon. The process of inflating the balloons with large generator-powered fans was fascinating. It was also a very unique experience to be close enough to touch them - it really put into perspective just how enormous these balloons really are.

IMG_4467_web IMG_4472_web IMG_4484_web IMG_4487_web

This is probably my favorite image from the whole evening. I stood in this spot for nearly 20 minutes waiting for the balloon to sway just enough to get a perfect yummy sun flare while simultaneously waiting for pedestrians to clear out of the foreground of my image. I LOVE that there are people near the balloon though! And I love that you can see the hot air balloon towering above the SUV, the sign, and even the trees - it just adds to the majesty. I am an avid people watcher so I also love the people in this photo - many with their heads turned upward, kids playing on the grass and perched on their parents shoulders, people with cameras, some causally dressed, others in fancier duds, my husband and kids are even among the crowd - and all of them so small next to the majestic balloon beside them. Such a fun day!


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