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The Handmade Heritage

  • 01/29/2015
  • By: Tina
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  • Posted in: Misc

I had a chance to do some more product photography for a local artist. Rachel Martin of The Handmade Heritage makes some darling crocheted things! I've shot some of her crocheted hats & things before, but she has some new stuff and wanted to have it photographed for her catalog and online sales.

As cute as some of this stuff is, you have to admit, my little models are even cuter!

Take a look at some of her new creations. These "floppies" are her newest thing - I think the frog, or maybe the monkey, is my favorite!

HH2014_001pp HH2014_005pp HH2014_009pp HH2014_013pp HH2014_016pp

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